Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We often get asked lots of questions about Pathfinders. Here are the answers to some of our more common questions. (Looking for Q&A about Oshkosh? Check here).

When is registration open?

We accept applications for Pathfinders from early July until 4 weeks after registration, which is sometime in mid-August.

Who can join Pathfinders?

Membership in the Beltsville Broncos is open to anyone in grade 5 though high school.

How much does Pathfinders cost?

Membership in the Beltsville Broncos costs $375 per person per year. Discounts are available for children of members of the Beltsville Seventy-day Adventist church, for early registration, and for payment in full.

Why does Pathfinders cost so much?

The Beltsville Broncos is a large, active club. Rather than charging monthly dues or a fee for every activity we charge one rate that covers the entire year. Except for the cost of uniforms and some optional activities and trips, you will not pay anything above the registration fees.

Can parents be involved in Pathfinders?

Our staff is made up primarily of parents who are dedicated to youth ministry. All staff must first pass a background check and regularly participate in leadership training sessions. If you would like to serve all year, please ask us what positions are available.

If I'm not staff can I still go on campouts and trips?

Unfortunately no. Unlike Adventurers which is very family-centric, Pathfinders is designed to give young people a safe environment in which to become more independent. Having parents around can also cause confusion for Pathfinders who are hearing different things from their counselor and their parent.

When is the next Oshkosh Camporee?

The next international camporee in Oshkosh, WI is August 12 - 17, 2019. The theme is Chosen and features the life of David.

Who can attend Oshkosh?

Only Pathfinders and staff who have been with the Beltsville Broncos club from the beginning of the 2018-19 Pathfinder year will be able to attend Oshkosh.